Dec 2, 2017

Along the LaHave River - Bridgewater to New Germany - 1867 to 2017

Banner image : Checking out the LaHave River from the Old Train Bridge -- now part of the Centennial Trail -- just north of Bridgewater. (c) Heidi Jirotka

Along the LaHave River from Bridgewater to New Germany - 1867 to 2017 is a Canada 150 Project coordinated by the LaHave River Trail Association that includes photos, stories and reader comments from along the LaHave River Valley between Bridgewater and New Germany from 1867 to 2017.

Please select an area of interest from the MAIN MENU below. And at the bottom of each section you will find links to the next one.


INTRODUCTION - who we are, why we are doing it and what its all about

1 - The LaHave River - one of Nova Scotia's premier rivers

2 - Trains & Railways - it was a vital part of our community for one hundred years

3 - Bridges - you may be surprised by how many bridges cross the LaHave

4 - Fishing - historically an important salmon river

5 - Oxen - this is oxen country

6 - Work - the changing face of work along the LaHave

7 - Disasters - there's been some big ones!

8 - People - a glimpse at how people have (do) live




Questions ... comments ... suggestions???

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The LaHave River Trail Association is building a multi-use trail from Bridgewater to New Germany largely using the abandoned rail corridor